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Black Liberation Book Club

A book club with the goals of Enlightenment, Affirmation, and Empowerment. Gather with Black folks around the world to connect, converse, and build community.

Freedom Fighters School™

An educational and empowerment program for Black youth (ages 8-18) centered on learning their Black/Afrocentric heritage to inspire their fight for freedom and liberation.

Black Business Lab™

A learning community created especially for aspiring Black business owners and existing Black business owners who desire to level up and glow up.

Our dedication to justice and love inspires us to offer programs for every member of your family.

Our Programs


Offered through the Racial Justice Center

Harriet’s Dream® is a program of the Justice Is Love Coalition’s Racial Justice Center, and it is the first and only racial trauma healing and wellness center for Black women in Nebraska. Harriet’s Dream® has consciously curated an Afrocentric menu of soul spa services for the mind, body, and spirit to help clients heal from the wounds of racism. Learn more about Harriet’s Dream® and become a member today.

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