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The First & Only Racial Trauma Healing Center in Omaha, Nebraska

Harriet’s Dream® is a program of the Justice Is Love Coalition’s Racial Justice Center, and it is the first and only racial trauma healing and wellness center for Black women in Nebraska. Harriet’s Dream® has consciously curated an Afrocentric menu of soul spa services for the mind, body, and spirit to help clients heal from the wounds of racism.


Everything about a Black woman is under attack, analyzed, criticized, and criminalized. If she speaks up for herself, she is perceived as a threat. If she loves and embraces her blackness, she is seen as arrogant. If she fights for justice, she’s considered a race extremist. If she rocks her natural hair, she is deemed unkempt and unprofessional. If she laughs too loud and enjoys herself, she is disruptive. If she defends herself, she is said to be angry and intimidating. Black women are tokenized and fetishized, and they are expected to watch their tone, stay in their place, silence their voice, and dim their light.


Can’t Black women just live without being judged, critiqued, silenced, marginalized, and oppressed? Harriet’s Dream® understands the dynamics of being a Black woman. We too have experienced the unique and pervasive struggles of experiencing racism daily, and we know what it does to the mind, body, and soul. We know you’re tired. We know people don’t believe you. We know what it’s like to be Black and a woman in a world that doesn’t see, value, honor, hear, understand, or respect you. We know that every day you exist in your Black body, you experience a trauma that no one else understands but other Black women. We know racism is real and that it negatively impacts every part of you. We believe you!


The mission of Harriet’s Dream® is to provide a healing sanctuary for Black women to combat the daily barrage of racial trauma they endure and to help them experience healing, happiness, and harmony in their lives. Racism is trauma. Black women need a safe, trauma-informed, and Afrocentric (Black-centered) space to begin healing from the lethal effects of racism, and that place is Harriet’s Dream®.

Harriet's Dream®

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