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My books are purposely written to evoke, interrogate, challenge, uproot, inspire, empower and activate your ability to be a better human.


Grab one or all of them. Dive in. Do the hard work. Be a better human.  


Antagonists, Advocates and Allies: The Wake-up Call Guide for White Women Who Want to Become Allies with Black Women

Learn how to stop racially antagonizing Black women.

White Spaces Missing Faces: Why Women Of Color Don't Trust White Women

In your professional, community, and other organizations, whose faces are missing? Learn what Black women and women of color need before they feel safe in your white spaces.

The Becky Code: How To Deal With White Woman Violence While Amplifying Your Joy

Learn how to defy Becky’s deadly weapons, resist her wrath, and activate your magic to survive, thrive, and experience deep, rich, and abundant joy!

Black Couch Conversations: Let’s Talk About Black Love

Explore Black love for self, intimate partners, friends, family, community, and your siblings of the African diaspora. Above all else, be love!

Black Couch Conversations: Let’s Talk About Black Peace

Learn to use healing, self-love, self-care, and peace as tools for justice, freedom, and liberation! Let’s get this healing poppin’ and this peace in motion.

Black Couch Conversations: Let’s Talk About Black Happiness

Happiness is the pathway to joy, and Black joy is your revolution! Learn to patch your soul container to hold all the happiness you desire!

Weapons of Whiteness: Exposing The Master's Tools Behind The Mask of Anti-Blackness

Black people are in a violently abusive relationship with toxic whiteness. Learn how to release yourself from the grueling grip of this trauma bond.

Unf*ckablewith: Rising From The Ashes Into Your Black Woman Badassery

Read Catrice’s inspirational stories about her matriarchs, and learn how you too can rise from the ashes into your Black Woman Badassery and become Unf*ckablewith!

The Billboard Brand: How To BE An Undeniable, Bankable, In Demand Legendary Brand

Learn to create, build, leverage, and sustain a recognizable, remarkable, and profitable marketing message and personal brand.

Soul Eruption! An Amazing Journey of Self-Discovery

Everything you need to live a happy, authentic, and prosperous life is already in you. Catrice calls this journey of self-discovery a soul eruption!

Delicious!: The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Living a Sweet, Sassy and Satisfied Life

Learn how to become a delicious woman living the satisfying, fulfilling, sweet, sassy, and delicious life of your dreams. It’s time to love your life!

The Art of Fear-Free Living: Awaken Your Geni(us)

Catrice’s stories will inspire you to awaken your Geni(us), break free from the captivity of fear, and begin living an authentic, fearlessly delicious life!

Brand Like A BOSSLady: Show UP, Shine and Do the Damn Thing!

Read this book for authentic, ready-to-use recipes for releasing your Irresistible Trademark (IT) and rocking the brand of YOU all the way to the bank!

Unleash Your Significance: Activate the Audacity to Be All You Are Destined to Be

Discover your unique purpose and destiny—your multidimensional magic—that have been hiding within you, begging to be unleashed! You matter. You are worthy. You are significant!

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