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For white people, reparations are a debt owed to Black people for the centuries of oppression whiteness has inflicted. This page provides several opportunities for you to pay your debt.


For non-white people, we appreciate your amplification, support, and financial contributions to our campaigns.

Reparations & Contributions


Racial Justice

Your contribution today will go toward the Justice Is Love Coalition’s Racial Justice Center Building Campaign.

The Justice Is Love Coalition has launched a reparations and economic justice campaign for a racial justice center in Omaha, Nebraska.


Funds will be used to purchase and renovate an existing property or to purchase land and construct a new building, and to pay for the racial justice center’s operations. The outcome of the campaign will be a permanent location for racial healing and racial justice in Omaha.

Make A Contribution to Harriet's Dream®

Harriet’s Dream® is the first and only racial trauma healing and wellness center for Black women in Nebraska. Harriet’s Dream® has consciously curated an Afrocentric menu of wellness services for the mind, body, and spirit to help clients heal from the wounds of racism.

Home For Elderly Black Woman - Catriceology® Homes for Black Women

This initiative is dedicated to supporting Black women by helping them purchase their own homes and create generational wealth for their families. Paying reparations this way is an act of love!

Economic Justice is Racial Justice

The Justice Is Love Coalition continues to fight for economic justice for Black people. Our efforts range from smaller initiatives, such as helping Black people meet their daily economic needs and supporting entrepreneurial dreams, to greater efforts, such as helping them purchase homes. We believe every Black person deserves reparations and financial empowerment.

Support Freedom Fighters School™

Freedom Fighters School™ is an age-appropriate educational and empowerment program for Black youth (ages 8-18). The program teaches Black and African history and provides other learning experiences to give young people the information and tools to love and embrace their Afrocentric heritage while inspiring them to fight for freedom and liberation.

Support Catrice's Health and Healing

Fighting for racial justice and conducting anti-racism training is emotionally taxing and Catrice uses her life source for righteousness and reparations. By supporting her health and healing she can continue to fight a good fight with a full emotional cup. Please make a contribution to her health and healing.

Follow Black Women Conference

This one-day conference for women will showcase brilliant Black women leaders, teachers, activists, and healers doing powerful, transformative work to rigorously advocate for truth, justice, freedom, equity, and liberation for Black and Brown people.

New Campaign Starting Soon for Catriceology® Homes for Black Women Initiative

Reparations. Justice. Love. Economic Justice.

Economic Justice
Is Racial Justice.

- Catrice M. Jackson

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