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Keynote Speaker

A Powerful and Passionate Voice for Your Event

In-Person Workshop

Hire a Master Facilitator to Educate, Inspire, and Empower Your Audience

Radio Show or Podcast (60 - 90 Minutes)

An Experienced Radio Show and Podcast Host and Guest to Add Flavorful Truth to Your Show

Webinar (60 - 90 minutes)

Hire Catrice to Deliver an Insightful and Extraordinary Webinar

Group/Event Facilitator

A Skilled and Inspirational Facilitator for Retreats and Special Events

Other Services

You’ve Got Your Own Ideas? Talk to Catrice!

Catrice is available for speaking and training engagements, including keynotes, panel presentations, webinars, group/event facilitation, radio and podcast segments, and workshops.

PLEASE NOTE: Catrice does not speak for free. At her sole discretion, Catrice occasionally modifies or waives her fee for Black-led organizations.

Hire Catrice

Movement Mental Wellness Mentor

Someone to Talk to When You Feel Like There's No One to Talk To

Emotional Equity Advocate

Helping Parents and Caregivers Advocate for Education Equity

Black Liberation Performance Artist

A Compelling Voice for Racial Justice



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