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Welcome! As a Non-Black Person of Color (NBPOC), there is racial justice work for you to do too. You are a non-white person, so I affirm your pain and struggles with racism and white terrorism. But because I am a Black woman, it is my duty to hold you accountable for your anti-blackness. 

I hope you are ready to go on your own anti-racism and anti-blackness journey—what I refer to as your truth, love, and accountability journey—so that you can be less harmful to Black folks and be in solidarity with us. 

The Becky Code: 
How To Deal With White Woman Violence While Amplifying Your Joy
Weapons of Whiteness: 
Exposing The Master’s Tools Behind The Mask Of Anti-Blackness


Truth, Love, and Accountability Journey

1. Buy & read these two books

Catrice recommends you read two of her books to start your anti-racism and anti-blackness journey:
Love and Accountability

The truth about being the oppressed & the oppressor.

How Anti-Blackness Shows Up In Non-Black People of Color

It’s not if or when you’ll be anti-black; it’s why, and what you can do about it.

2. Sign up for an audio course

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3. Attend an event

Join us at the Follow Black Women Conference


Catrice is available for speaking and training engagements, including keynotes, panel presentations, webinars, group/event facilitation, radio and podcast segments, and workshops.
If a minimum fee of $5,000 plus travel expenses for out-of-town engagements is within your budget, please fill out the form, and a member of Catrice’s booking team will be in touch with you within 3 to 5 business days.
PLEASE NOTE: Catrice does not speak for free. At her sole discretion, Catrice occasionally modifies or waives her fee for Black-led organizations.

Support Reparations for Black People

Economic justice is racial justice! We appreciate your amplification, support, and financial contributions to our campaigns.



Catrice M. Jackson is America’s number one expert on white woman violence and has defined more than fifty Weapons of Whiteness® that white women use to cause racial harm to Black folks. Catrice knows for sure that white women have also used these weapons to cause harm to Non-Black People of Color (NBPOC). These lethal weapons are rooted in white terrorism and anti-blackness. White women have been taught how to cause racial harm and have internalized anti-blackness that exacerbates the harm. 

Unfortunately, NBPOC have also internalized anti-blackness and can wield the Weapons of Whiteness®, even when you think you are in solidarity with Black folks. Therefore, in the work of racial justice, you are both the oppressed and the oppressor. This is a unique and delicate space to exist in, one that I approach with love and accountability. My role in this journey with you is to affirm the harm you experience while holding you accountable for the harm you cause Black folks. If you’re ready to embark on this journey of truth, love, and accountability, let’s do it.


America’s #1 Expert on White Woman Violence

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