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Catrice has created courses specifically designed to help NBPOC as they walk the pathway of their truth, love, and accountability journeys. She understands that you exist in a unique and delicate space. Sign up for a course today to learn more about how to be less harmful to Black folks and be in solidarity with them!


Love and Accountability: The Truth About Being the Oppressed and the Oppressor

On demand; available for 72 hours

NBPOC can be affirmed for their experiences and held accountable for their anti-black violence, and they must.

DO NO HARM: Making Your Therapy Practices Ethically Anti-Racist

A Catriceology® 30-Day Intensive Course

A course on the racism and anti-blackness inherent in the mental health industry and how you can cause less harm to your Black clients.

How Anti-Blackness Shows Up in Non-Black People of Color

On demand; available for 72 hours

It’s not if or when you’ll be anti-black; it’s why, and what you can do about it.

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