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Catrice has created courses specifically designed to help Black people as they walk the pathway of their personal healing journeys. Deepen your inner work so you can better fight for your healing, peace, and joy by signing up for a course today!


Learn how to begin your healing journey to bring more happiness into your life by telling the truth about your pain, setting boundaries, and raising your deserve level.

On Demand

Why Love and Peace Come Before Happiness

Learn the relationship between happiness and joy and how to be joy! Learn how to create your own definition of happiness and make joy your revolution.

On Demand

How to Choose Happiness to Get to Joy

Take a deeper dive into how internalized anti-blackness creates chaos in your life and smothers your peace. Learn how to be peace for you and other Black folks.

On Demand

How Internalized Anti-Blackness Smothers Your Peace

Learn how to create your own definition of peace, pick up the pieces of your life, and make protecting your peace a top priority.

On Demand

How to Be Peace Instead of Being in Pieces

Learn why loving yourself is a revolution that takes dedication and daily inner work, how to return to yourself, and seven ways to raise your deserve level.

On Demand

How to Raise Your Love Deserve Level

Learn about the Catriceology® Way, my strategy for being a conscious conduit for Black unity and liberation, including how I embody the six commitments I’ve made to Black people.

On Demand

6 Ways to Love Black Folks and Yourself More

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