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Create peace within yourself and your community.


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It's Your Peace Journey

It’s time to go on your healing journey to create peace within yourself and your community. It’s time to heal your body, mind, and spirit. It’s time to practice deliberate and relentless self-love and self-care by being passionate and committed to your mental and spiritual health. It’s time for some profound collective healing.


Being peace should be part of your strategy for winning—for yourself and the Black community. We need to put tremendous energy into picking up our pieces. We need to be peace to overcome our personal battles. And then the Black collective will be stronger, wiser, and healthier, and we can win the war.


So, let’s get this healing poppin’ and this peace in motion.


Our revolution is healing and peace! 

Peace Journey Empowerment Offerings:

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Catrice’s in-person events are designed to deepen all aspects of your personal healing journey and build community. Click the See All Events button to find out what’s on the schedule!

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