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Love is our most potent weapon. Black love is the revolution that leads to our justice, freedom, and liberation. The revolution will be love. It’s time to amour up!


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It's Your Love Journey

So, come journey with me into an exploration of Black love. A journey that resists the urge to water down, glamorize, and mystify love. A journey where the concept of love is palatable and digestible. Let’s talk about love in a way that allows you to metabolize it while gaining practical and tangible tips for taking off your filters.


Without your filters of grief and fear, you can experience love in ways you never thought possible. Walk with me on a journey of self-love and learn how to give and receive to yourself the love you deserve. And finally, journey with me into the Beautiful Struggle of Black love to embrace all its imperfections and glory.





Let us begin this love journey together.

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