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White Mothers of Black/Biracial Children

A course on how your anti-blackness shows up as you parent your biracial (Black) children and how to cause less harm.

Are your toxic whiteness and anti-black racism harming your own biracial (Black) children?


Why You Need This Course


You may have a non-white partner and have non-white children, but that is NOT enough to make you anti-racist. You too must go on your anti-racism journey. You must dig deep to understand how your conscious and unconscious biases are harming your children and/or setting them up to harm other Black children.


Who This Course Is and Is NOT For


  • This course is for white mothers of biracial (Black) children only.

  • This course IS for white women who want to stop the anti-black violence in their parenting to be a more humane parent.

  • This course IS for white women who want to reduce the amount of psychological harm done to their biracial children.

  • This course IS for white women who want to minimize the impact of their anti-black racism to raise biracial children who have more self-love and do less harm to other Black children.

  • This course is NOT for white women who want to be coddled with sugar-coated language and strategies.

  • This course is NOT for antagonists who want to dispute the truth, argue, minimize the reality, or center the feelings of whiteness. I reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone I deem antagonistic or problematic.


What You’ll Learn


In this course, you’ll learn about anti-blackness, how it shows up in your parenting and causes lethal violence to your biracial (Black) children, and how you can cause less harm and reduce your internalized anti-blackness.


About the Sessions


This course is pre-recorded, and you will receive a separate session recording each week. The four weeks of training cover these topics:

  • Week 1. Anti-Blackness 101—what it is, and why it’s not only abusive but also lethal.

  • Week 2. How anti-blackness shows up in your parenting and how it perpetuates self-hate.

  • Week 3. The psychological harm that anti-black parenting causes in Black and biracial children.

  • Week 4. How to cause less damage and reduce internalized oppression.




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