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The Socially Conscious Women’s Collective (SCWC)™ is a global organization of white women led by educator, author, and freedom fighter Catrice M. Jackson. The SCWC is an educational space for white women to:
  • Begin and sustain their anti-racism journey to include uprooting and dismantling white violence and anti-blackness

  • Learn how stop using Weapons of Whiteness® to racially harm Black people

  • Create and embody an anti-racism plan to eliminate racial and social injustice through education, activism, and economic justice, especially in the form of reparations

Black People Need Accomplices, Not Allies.

Join us by becoming a member today

Membership grants you 24/7 access to the private SCWC Facebook group AND the SCWC Online Network where you will meet and be in community with other white women who are committed to their anti-racism journeys. In these forums, you will have access to:​
  • Education and conversations about social and racial justice issues

  • Resources and strategies to help you Awaken, Evolve, Act, and Transform

  • Early news about Catrice’s upcoming workshops, courses, webinars, and other events

  • Opportunities to work on reparations campaigns under Catrice’s and the SCWC’s guidance

  • Calls to action, as well as the resources and strategies to make them successful

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