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A Message From Catrice

Hear how Catrice started her journey of fighting for Black liberation and why she is dedicated to being a voice for Black lives.

Racism is a deadly dis-ease that requires strong medicine. That’s what I’m serving up: the hard-to-swallow truths necessary to eliminate this lethal infection from humanity. I realize my approach is NOT for everyone, and not everyone will like it, and I’m unbothered by both.


THIS is my work, and I do it unmoved and unapologetically!

Hear Catrice Speak


Messages from Nyalla

Learn why white spaces are unsafe and violent.

Learn why white spaces are unsafe and violent.

Learn how to lay down your Weapons of Whiteness®

Learn how to lay down your Weapons of Whiteness®

Learn why we need to talk about racism.

Learn why we need to talk about racism.


Catrice Speaks on Anti-Racism

If you're ready to learn how to begin your journey to allyship and to become an non-violent accomplice for Black lives listen to these audio lessons. 

Are You An Anti-Racism "Ally" for Racial Justice?

7 Signs for White Women That They Are Antagonists In the Lives of Women of Color

Why Is It Difficult for White Women to Talk About Race & Racism?

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In The Media

Hear or read Catrice’s words in other venues and publications!

Catrice appeared on The Philippe Matthews Show to talk about her book, Black Couch Conversations: Let's Talk About Black Love.

When Layla Saad quoted Catrice’s book The Becky Code on Facebook, Facebook removed her post. Read about this violent yet all too common occurrence here.

The hosts of the Dear Sugars podcast and Catrice discussed how white mothers should talk to their kids about white privilege.

Read Catrice's Harper's Bazaar article describing the eight essential actions for white people to become infiltrators and change agents within the system of white terrorism.

Catrice and Howard Ross discussed the work still needed after the murder of George Floyd on a special edition of the Future Fluency podcast.

The Dr. Pat Show's "Soul Purpose Central with Jennifer Longmore" segment featured Catrice talking about The Art of Fear-Free Living, Delicious!, and Soul Eruption!

Make A Speaking Request

Catrice is available for speaking and training engagements, including keynotes, panel presentations, webinars, group/event facilitation, radio and podcast segments, and workshops.

If a minimum fee of $5,000 plus travel expenses for out-of-town engagements is within your budget, please fill out the form, and a member of Catrice’s booking team will be in touch with you within 3 to 5 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: Catrice does not speak for free. At her sole discretion, Catrice occasionally modifies or waives her fee for Black-led organizations.
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