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Q&A with Catrice: Shame and Guilt Webinar

Learn how to transition from shame to guilt to action on the Journey to Allyship to become an Accomplice.

As you’ve learned more about your toxic whiteness and anti-blackness racism, have you become paralyzed by the Weapons of Whiteness®, specifically White Guilt and Shame?


Why You Need This Course


Catrice describes the differences between shame and guilt, and how you can move from shame, to guilt, to action. She then answers questions from white women like you who attended the original session of this course.


Who This Course Is and Is NOT For


This course is for white women on their personal anti-racism journey who are stuck in shame and guilt. This course is NOT for antagonists who want to dispute the truth, argue, minimize the reality, or center the feelings of whiteness. I reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone I deem antagonistic or problematic.


What You’ll Learn


You’ll learn how getting stuck in shame stagnates your evolution on the journey to becoming an Accomplice for Black people. You’ll also learn how to move through shame and guilt to take effective action for racial justice.


About the Session


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