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Eight Reasons Black Women Don't Trust  White Women

A crash course for white women to disarm their Weapons of Whiteness® and create anti-oppressive relationships with Black women.

Are you using Weapons of Whiteness® against Black women?


Why You Need This Course


Here’s the Truth: Collectively and historically, there has been an immeasurable amount of antipathy between Black and white women. And frankly, white women have been willful instigators, perpetrators, and spectators of Black women’s pain and plight.


Many Black women perceive their relationships with white women as disingenuous engagements riddled with deception, distrust, doubt, and emotional danger.


Who This Course Is and Is NOT For


If you are a white woman who wants to build and sustain genuine, trusting, non-violent relationships with Black women, it is time for you to learn how to be non-oppressive. Black women can no longer wait for you and be violated by you while you figure it out.


This course is for you if:

  • You want to learn what is offensive to Black women/folks

  • You want to understand the best ways to engage with Black women/folks, so you begin earning and building trust

  • You’re still struggling to build STRONG, non-oppressive relationships with Black women/folks, and you want to learn how to engage with them in a way that nourishes instead of antagonizes

  • You want to eliminate your blind spots about how to effectively engage with Black women/folks to create trust, racial harmony, and relationship progress instead of pain (aka interpersonal violence)

  • You’re ready to start your Journey to Allyship to become an Accomplice with Black folks in the fight for racial justice


This course is NOT for antagonists who want to dispute the truth, argue, minimize the reality, or center the feelings of whiteness. I reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone I deem antagonistic or problematic.


What You’ll Learn


This course will expose the unrepentant truth about the Weapons of Whiteness® used by white women to silence, marginalize, violate, and oppress Black women. You will learn how to lay down your weapons so you stop causing harm, and you will learn radical solutions for relationship reconciliation, reparation, and restoration.


About the Sessions


This course is pre-recorded, and you will receive a separate session recording each week. The four weeks of training cover these topics:

  • Week 1. Reconciling the violent history between women of color and white women

  • Week 2. Weapons of Whiteness®: how to disarm and lay down your harmful weapons

  • Week 3. Mastering the art of non-violent interpersonal engagement

  • Week 4. The Journey to Allyship and beyond: how to be an Accomplice




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