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  • Nyalla Tea Set - Skin Nourishment - TIMELESS
  • Nyalla Tea Set - Skin Nourishment - TIMELESS
  • Nyalla Tea Set - Skin Nourishment - TIMELESS
  • Nyalla Tea Set - Skin Nourishment - TIMELESS
  • Nyalla Tea Set - Skin Nourishment - TIMELESS
  • Nyalla Tea Set - Skin Nourishment - TIMELESS

Nyalla Tea Set - Skin Nourishment - TIMELESS


It's Tea Time!

Introducing Nourishment By Nyalla Ukwazi NyallaTea!


Limited Quantities!


Get my special blend Skin Nourishment tea, (12oz.), a coffee/tea mug, a beautiful stainless steel spoon, fillable tea bags and a 1oz. bottle of meditation oil. To create a delicious and delightful moment of self care from the inside out


Get you some nourishment for your mind, body and soul! 



TIMELESS – Celebrate and Care for You


True beauty never fades. In fact, it’s enduring. Inner beauty. There’s nothing like it! Beauty is timeless. Maybe you feel like your beauty is fading. Perhaps you desire to preserve your inner and outer beauty. Caring for yourself from the inside out is one of the most loving and beautiful things you can do for yourself. Nyalla Tea’s Timeless is crafted to help you celebrate and care for you! Make yourself a cup and sip on a delicious warm hug of self-love. You’ve been through a lot and Timeless tea’s sweet and spicy blend can also help you slow down the ageing of your skin and the weathering of your body.


Nyalla Timeless Tea – Created to Celebrate Your Beauty and Care for Your Skin. A sweet and spicy blend with anti-aging properties.


INGREDIENTS: Green Tea, Elderberry, Gotu Kola, Red Clover, Cinnamon, Clove, Horsetail, Cardamom, Ginger, and Orange. 12oz.  


PLEASE READ the product disclaimer and health notice before purchasing. 


Green tea is a great and healthy anti-aging option. It is slightly more oxidized than white tea for example and ranges from mellow and floral all the way to vegetal. High in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, green tea is amazing for reducing UV damage to the skin.


Green tea is chock full of vitamin B2 and vitamin E, both essential for skin health. B2 plays an essential role in maintaining collagen levels for youthful skin structure and firmness.


Elderberry helps fight acne and breakouts and helps keep your skin healthy and clear. The anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties in Elderberry also help reduce swelling and calm the skin. Elderberry is a powerhouse for oily skin types or people prone to breakouts.


Gotu Kola has chemicals called triterpenoids. In animal and lab studies, these compounds seem to help heal wounds. For example, some studies suggest that triterpenoids strengthen the skin, boost antioxidants in wounds, and increase blood supply to the area.


Gotu Kola extracts have the ability to fight the signs of aging as well as protect skin from environmental stressors. This makes it the perfect complement to ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, and of course, our cutting-edge breadfruit flower extract.


Red clover is particularly concentrated in plant estrogen, also known as isoflavones, which improves the skin in numerous ways, including by stimulating the skin's natural collagen production system, increasing the skin's thickness, and improving the skin's moisture levels.


Cinnamon tea is touted to offer several additional benefits, including May fight skin aging. Studies show that cinnamon may promote collagen formation and increase skin elasticity and hydration — all of which may reduce the appearance of aging.


Cloves are loaded with antiseptic properties that can help to treat skin problems and remove toxins from the body. Besides, it can also help to reduce oxidative stress, which can slow down the appearances of wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes.


Due to the way that horsetail helps to promote collagen, which is essentially the foundation of healthy skin, it will make the skin look and feel tighter and firmer. It can help improve elastin production for skin that is more supple and youthful looking.

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