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  • Flawless - Repair and Revitalize Serum
  • Flawless - Repair and Revitalize Serum

Flawless - Repair and Revitalize Serum


Want to improve your skin texture (smoother), tone (even tone) and vitality (radiance)? You need Flawless Repair and Revitalize Serum. Serums penetrate the skin more effectively than lotion or creams which can sit on top of your skin rather than penetrate it. 


This unique face serum is infused with key ingredients to hydrate, heal and decrease hyperpigmentation (dark spots). Key ingredients include: Apricot seed oil (smoothes out skin imperfections), Vitamin E (moisturizes and reduces hyperpigmentation), Papaya Extract (deep hydration and minimize flaking), Niacinamide (plumps skin and lightens), Camella Oil (protects and replenishes skin), Azelaic Acid (destroys bacteria with antioxidant properties), Pomegranate Seed Oil (promotes cell turnover and regeneration) and the Catriceology Flawless Revitalize Infusion and scent. 1oz.


Fragrance Notes: Pear, Melon, Plum, Jasmine, Rose and Vanilla 


This serum can be used daily and it only takes a little to be effective. For best results use after cleaning your face and/or after exfoliation so the serum can penetrate your skin. You may experience a little tingling after use, that is the product ingredients penetrating your skin and it's normal. If the tingling lasts for more than 5 minutes or increases, wash the product off of your face and discontinue use.  Additional moisturizers are not necessary but if you have very dry skin, allow the serum to dry before applying additional moisturizers. I recommend you use Gorgeous Face Oil to moisturize your face. 


You're going to love Flawless Repair and Revitalize Serum. It penetrates deep into your skin, hydrates, moisturizes, protects, repairs, generates cell turnover (revealing new skin), decreases dark spots, revitalizes and increases softness and glow. It may take up to 6 weeks to see a difference. Be flawless! 


*shelf life is up to 3 months so use it daily*

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